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Join us

Membership of the Democratic Press Club is open to all those who work for or with the press, online and broadcast media. This includes national, regional and trade journalists, newspaper and magazine editors, TV and radio broadcasters, cartoonists, photographers, PR consultants, cultural attachés of foreign embassies, press historians and academics, and syndication agencies.

General Member

Candidates must be actively engaged in journalistic or similar work as their principal professional activity and source of income. Please supply evidence of your eligibility – recent published articles, for example.

Annual Membership Fee
₹ 500/- (Renewal Fee – ₹ 200/-)

Executive Membership

The Democratic Press Club will consider applications for Executive Membership from those with an interest in, who will be part of the executive body of the Club.

Annual Membership Fee
₹ 5000/- (Renewal Fee – ₹1,000/-)

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is open to any business, company or corporation with an interest in the press and broadcast media and includes ten General/Executive Memberships and other benefits.

Annual Membership Fee
₹ 25,000/- (Renewal Fee – ₹ 5000/-)


For all individual memberships, click here to visit our online membership Form. Here you can fill in your details and submit your application. For Corporate Memberships, please email info@democraticpressclub.com