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Success – in media, business, government, the civic sector – is very much about who you know. That is why so many renowned Media Personalities are members of the Democratic Press Club. Newsmakers and journalists have expanded their contacts and their insider knowledge of the local scene by participating in Democratic Press Club activities. Dues are low and benefits are many. Above all, the Democratic Press Club promotes the advancement of ethical journalism and invites a closer look at issues shaping journalism today with National Integrity and Patriotism is the core idea behind the Foundation of Democratic Press Club. However, it also fosters fellowship among representatives of the media and those that they cover in fun and friendly manner. Democratic Press Club benefits include the following:

  • Press Kit– Press Kits will be issued to all the Members including Identity Cards to take privilege of Membership and its benefit.
  • After hours networking– Social activities at some of the area’s most popular establishments that bring reporters, editors and producers from all local media to meet each other – and the people that they cover, State and National Level.
  • Pressing Issues– Forum/discussion programs organized around timely and high-profile topics driven by the news of the day. Panelists representing the newsroom, classroom, boardroom, and living room debate the issues and invite audience response.
  • Touchstones– The Democratic Press Club’s State and National Level Annual Meet and Award Ceremony to recognize excellence in Journalism, community contributions, community lifetime achievement, and lifetime contributions to journalism.
  • Democratic Press Club– Access to the one of the prominent Press Club in India includes privileges for Cultural & Idea Exchange, Professional Development and Networking, Membership Directory, and programs. Whether you make news or cover it … whether you work in the media, business, politics, education, or the civic sector … the benefits of Democratic Press Club membership far outweigh the cost. Take advantage of it today.

    Join us

    Membership of the Democratic Press Club is open to all those who work for or with the press, online and broadcast media. This includes national, regional and trade journalists, newspaper and magazine editors, TV and radio broadcasters, cartoonists, photographers, PR consultants, cultural attachés of foreign embassies, press historians and academics, and syndication agencies.

    General Member

    Candidates must be actively engaged in journalistic or similar work as their principal professional activity and source of income. Please supply evidence of your eligibility – recent published articles, for example.

    Annual Membership Fee
    ₹ 1000/- (Renewal Fee – ₹ 500/-)

    Executive Membership

    The Democratic Press Club will consider applications for Executive Membership from those with an interest in, who will be part of the executive body of the Club.

    Annual Membership Fee
    ₹ 5000/- (Renewal Fee – ₹1,000/-)

    Lifetime Membership

    Lifetime membership is open to any Individual, business, company or corporation with an interest in the press and broadcast media and includes Executive Memberships and other benefits.

    Annual Membership Fee
    ₹ 1,00,000/- (Renewal Fee – NIL)

    Corporate Membership

    Corporate membership is open to any business, company or corporation with an interest in the press and broadcast media and includes ten General/Executive Memberships and other benefits.

    Annual Membership Fee
    ₹ 25,000/- (Renewal Fee – ₹ 5000/-)

    For any query, please email info@democraticpressclub.com  / democraticpressclub@gmail.com

    Privacy Policy